The Fascinating Story of the Periodic Table

The Fascinating Story of the Periodic Table, is the first of a series of infographic flyers that was published in June 2013. It is a visual flyer themed on the history of the periodic table, and the best way to describe the flyer would be a folded booklet that opens up to a full Periodic Table on one side, with the other side dedicated to the milestones in the development of the periodic table.

This flyer attempts to highlight the development of Chemistry and key concepts in the subject that were backed by reasoning, scientific approach and painstaking efforts even in the absence of sophisticated instrumentation. Here are some features of the flyer:

Compact and handy, the flyer is easy to carry around thanks to its small form factor.

For reading ease, the content has been presented in a linguistically simplified manner, and has been fragmented into sections, each with its accompanying title and number.

The flyer also brings to light, the issues that had to be surmounted when newer elements were discovered and the difficulties with their placement, and subsequent solutions that addressed these issues have been discussed.

As you begin reading, the scientists who have been instrumental in making the periodic table what it is today have been presented along with their photographs.

Representative illustrations of previous Periodic Tables have been incorporated that would help you understand its evolution.

Chemical symbols, which also share an interesting evolution like the periodic table, have also been described in the flyer as an inlay box.

Once you reach the end of this side, you are now ready to 'open' all the folds of the flyer to reveal something special...

Your very own Periodic Table!

And this color-schemed Periodic Table is different from the ordinary tables: it includes activities that you would be completing!

With missing clues, blank spaces and hints to the Chemical Elements, it will motivate you to think, search and complete the table yourself.

After you fill in the information, you can proudly put this table on your favorite wall!

It doesn't end here: We have incorporated some interesting questions and food-for-thought that will help you spend some more time with the Periodic Table and learn a lot more!

The flyer makes for an exciting Science based gift thanks to its small dimensions and attractive feel! For durability, both the sides have been coated with a thin plastic film.

We have now uploaded the entire flyer content onto this website for you to read and enjoy! Click on the thumbnail below to read it...

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