Let's Meet the Chemical Elements!

The Chemical Elements have been waiting to meet you since long!

And get ready: to hear their interesting stories and witness their unique personalities!
Heres Lets Meet the Chemical Elements! for you.

The chemical elements make up everything around us: including ourselves! We literally owe our existence to these finite elements!

A refreshing take on the chemical elements, this project is aimed at introducing any student or teacher (from any background) with the chemical elements in a very lucid and unusual way- straight from the heart of that element.

It consists of 114 full color Flashcards/ Information Cards, one for each of the 114 elements officially recognised elements by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) (as on June 2012).

We have tried to pack each card with diverse information, and the element would introduce itself to you!

Similar to the flyer project, the language has been simplified as much as possible, making even complicated information within the reach of everyone's understanding.

The 114 cards are color-schemed and visual, replete with illustrations, photographs and characters to aid understanding and learning.

All the cards are enclosed in a simple yet attractive carton which bears a small Periodic Table. The color schemes of the cards correspond to this table.

Here is a representative card for Lithium.

The carton also encloses two detailed leaflets as follows: First, the 'Start Here' leaflet that explains the structure of the card and must be read before reading the cards.

The second booklet is the 'What's that Photograph?' which describes the photograph present on each of the cards. (89 elements out of the 114) This booklet complements the reading of the cards and also credits the open source photographs incorporated in the cards.


Appearance of the element,
Exciting Stories of Discovery of the element,
Applications and Uses of the element,
Biological Significance,
Large-scale Production of the element,
Important Minerals and Crustal Abundance,
Technical Information such as Electronic Configuration, Oxidation States, Physical Constants like Melting & Boiling Points, etc,
Natural Isotopes,
Environmental Aspects,
and most importantly,
Interesting Trivia about the element!

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