About this portal

In July 2012, we initiated a project at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR. The project originated from a book written on the Periodic Table. The idea was to revive and rewrite it. That acted as a starting point for our work.

We aim to prepare unique and interesting resources in print that would help students and teachers from diverse backgrounds to appreciate the relevance of the elements, their history and thus, the Chemistry in their lives!

This project has been shaped by Tejas Joshi and Savita Ladage and we have experimented with the print and web medium.

We acknowledge the continued support and inputs of:
Ankita Gurav
Chitra Natarajan (Dean)
Hema Arts Printers
Indrani Das Sen
Jayashree Ramadas (Centre Director)
Manoj Nair
Members of the Cosmetic section at HBCSE
Print Vision Printers
S.K. Patil
Sandesh Kolambe
Seema Yadav
Sharayu Kulkarni
Shrijit Panicker
Swapna Narvekar

The exhaustive world wide web has been very inspiring. We appreciate and thank photographers and people who shared their work as open source material for everyone to enjoy and learn about the subject.

This project has been a great learning experience for us.

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